Book Review: Be Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh

28 January 2015

This book has really made me re think what I eat and how much I exercise, or more importantly why I need to exercise. It is such an inspiring book, I honestly think it has changed the way I eat forever. The book is about being a healthy, happy new you and I really think it does that. She (Lucy Mecklenburgh) takes you through her life and her experience and how she became who she is today. She claims that exercising and eating healthy completely changed her life around. What I love most though, is that the book doesn't blabber on about how much you need to lose weight and restrict what your eating. Its for all people big and small. Some one like me who has been slim her whole life can really relate to this book. Sometimes I hate my body, I feel like I'm too skinny so I wouldn't mind putting on a few pounds in the right areas but in the right way.

Be Body Beautiful aims to change the way you think about food. Its not about losing weight and over exercising, to then put all the weight back on in a few months time. Its about a way of life and changing what your putting into your body. This book was definitely and eye opener for me, since reading I have really been thinking about what I'm putting into my body and trying to avoid saturated fats as much as possible. I have made so many positive changes, and I'm not just doing it through guilt I'm doing it because I want too. I don't want to put bad foods into my body, because you only get one body and you should look after it. One of my biggest changes is how much water I have been drinking. I have started buying bottled water, which some people may think is silly, 'Whats wrong with free water out of the tap!?'. Surprisingly the water we drink out of the tap can actually be bad for us because it contains all different chemicals, this may be a load of rubbish but drinking bottled water makes me feel good and because I'm drinking out of a bottle it motivates me want to drink more because it feels special. 

The Book

First of all just the layout and the design of the book is so pretty and girly, it makes me want to read the book. Sometimes it can get boring reading a book if its just words after words and I can be easily distracted. Lucy's book contains lots of lovely pictures, most of which are of Lucy but she is such a beautiful girl I don't mind. I think the pictures of her in the book are important because she has an amazing body so it is something to be motivated by. It is an easy read book that looks lovely on my dressing table.

The book contains 7 different chapters:

My Journey
The Recipes
A Healthy, Happy New You

Lucy takes you through her journey and why she's is where she is today. This chapter was really interesting cause it let you get to know who Lucy is a little bit more. It allows you to be able to relate to her more. The 'Motivate' chapter was a very inspiring chapter because it basically gives you loads of reasons why you should eat healthily and exercise and all the benefits of it. The 'Nourish' chapter really gave me an understanding of foods, which ones are good, which are bad and how important it is to fill our body with good foods. This chapter is handed over to her nutritional coach, Emma Whitnall. Emma gives you a lot of useful information such as foods that are best to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and the best beauty foods. The 'Energize' chapter is basically all about her Results with Lucy website, she takes you through exercise routines and why it is important to exercise in conjunction with eating right. It even gives you a 6 week exercise challenge which is very useful. I love this cause it gives you all different exercises you can do at home or out and about at the park etc. It also gives you step by step instructions of who to do the exercise move. 

There are a lot of different recipes in this book, all of which contain food that is good for your body, its not about restricting how much you eat and having small portions. It is about eating big healthy portions of food that is good for you, and in return your body will love you. One of the biggest lessons from the book was the 80/20 rule. Basically, 80% of the time you should be eating food that is good for you and your body and 20% of the time you can eat food that might not be as good for you.

Overall I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a new read and positive life change. If you struggle with making healthy choices and if your trying to lose weight you should definitely give this a read. Well done Lucy you have made a fabulous book!

Thanks for reading my lovelies.



  1. I wouldn't have thought about buying this but it does sound amazing! Great review :)


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