How do you know what you want out of life?

12 August 2015

I didn’t know whether I was going to publish this post, as it was just something I drafted on my laptop about how I was currently feeling but I thought why not, there might be other people who feel the same. Also I want my blog to be about more then just beauty and fashion. So hear it is…

I don’t know about anybody else but I’m really struggling with what I want out of life. Sometimes I can a get a little bit down about the whole thing because I haven’t got my life figured out yet. I’m still living at home with my family and sometimes it just doesn’t feel like I am getting anywhere. Since I was little I always thought I would move out by the time I was 20, have my own flat and an amazing job that paid me loads of money. So far, this has not happened (which obviously is a bit ambitious unless you Kylie or Kendall Jenner). I can’t help but feel like I’m failing and I can’t shake these thoughts out of my head. Let me take you back, so last year I graduated from University with a degree in (BSc) Psychology, yes this is an amazing achievement but I don’t feel any more near to a passionate career a year later. I thought that I did want to do something in the psychological field but now I just don’t know whether I feel excited about it. Also if you want a job in the psychology area you have to have years of experience so it is going to take me a while to get a decent job with decent pay in that. Now I’m not saying its all about the money, I would much rather be doing something exciting that I’m passionate about and be on less money then be doing something I hated for loads of money.

Over the last year I have been working part time as a waitress and have been working in a school as a data assistant, at first I was happy with this. However now I just feel like I don’t know what I want to do. I’m currently trying to look for a new job, as much as I love working in the school full time it can be boring sitting behind a desk all day doing somebody else’s work. Every job I find that I think I could potentially do looks good at first and then I think to my self could I actually do this day in day out for the rest of my live? Recently I have also started volunteering for the NSPCC that I also do enjoy but again I just don’t know what I want from it. I guess its just one big journey that you have to enjoy? I think I’m just terrified of waking up when I’m 30 and having no career that I’m passionate about and thinking to myself ‘I have wasted my life away’. I know that sounds a little bit depressing and I suppose a lot of people worry about the same thing. I’m sitting her now at 22 years of age thinking what do I want? WHAT DO I WANT? If I’m honest with my self something I have always been passionate about is make up, fashion and beauty. Which is why I started this blog to begin with, I’ve always read other peoples blogs and thought I could do it too. A few weeks back I thought to my self YOLO, and booked onto a nail course local to me. I just thought to my self what have I got too loose, if I enjoy it and like doing it then that’s great, I may be able to pursue a career in it or start my own business. If not then I have gained a new skill; I see it as a win-win situation.

Even though yes I have taken the plunge and booked onto this nail course, it doesn't mean that its what I'm going to do for a living because Im still figuring that out. Life is about enjoying what you do. Even though I haven’t got it all figured out I’m hoping it will all fit into place eventually. Sometimes I think as society we are constantly looking at other people’s lives and comparing them to our own (which I am guilty of).  However I think it’s important to know that everyone works at there own pace and just because something hasn’t happened for you yet doesn’t mean it won’t. I guess that the best thing to do is not dwell on what you don’t have but just appreciate life in that moment and be grateful for what you do have. I always say to my self everything happens for a reason. I know I don’t have everything figured out and I don’t have that dream apartment I’ve always wanted or that walk in closet I’ve always wanted (haha). What I’m trying to say is although I started this post being slightly depressing and confused I think what keeps me going is thinking that it is okay to feel that way.

I could go on so much more but I won't bore you too much, thank you for reading my very long and very ranty post,

Jessie Glam


  1. You are just amazing Jess! I just love you to bits! I've been feeling exactly the same, I feel like we are one in the same! We should look at doing a course together like the beauty one you've done! We can just roll with it and enjoy our selves! Love always, Sarah xxx ps I look like I proper stalker because I finally found your blog ;) it's only taken me 4 years! XXXX

    1. Haha you little stalker ;) I wrote this post a while go but I'm glad you liked it and feel the same way :) I read it back now and again to remind myself not to stress about life too much <3 also I love that your reading my blog hehe I'm trying to post more often as my New Years resolution xxxxx


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