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16 March 2016

Last weekend I got my hair done by a new hair stylist. At first this terrified me because I have had the same hair dresser since I was about 15!? The fear of me hating my hair always made me too scared to go to someone new. Yes, it is ONLY hair, but my hair is one of those things that really affects my confidence which is sad but true haha.
So after all those years I finally decided to get it done by someone different because my boyfriends sister had just opened her own salon and I just thought what have I got too lose!? I have wanted to go darker and more my natural colour because I was starting to get bored of the bleach blonde in my hair. I am sooooooo happy with how it turned out and actually prefer it! The hair stylist really listened to what I wanted and got the colour match perfect.

When I look at this picture I just think omg my hair looked awful before it looks so much better now. It blends nice and it's a lovely colour. Obviously after a few washes it probably going to go a bit lighter because of the bleach but I think I'm going to stay darker for a while and let it grow.
From this experience I would definitely say that you should always try something new! Even though I was scared to go to a new stylist I'm so glad I did because it gave my hair a re vamp.

Hope you have enjoyed this post.

Much love,
Jessie Glam 

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