Orange Floral Summer Dress

16 August 2016

At the weekend I went to my sister in-law's baby shower. No I am not married, but If I was to get married then I would be the little baby's auntie (ahhh so exciting). Who gets married these days anyway??? (FYI Mike if you read this I am waiting for my ring haha) Married or not I still see myself as being Auntie when the little baba is born.
Anywho! I wore this beautiful black and orange floral dress. I had been saving it for a while for the perfect summer occasion. I am so glad I purchased it and the best thing of all is that this dress looked a lot more expensive then it actually was. I got it from the New look section on Asos and it was only around £15! When I saw the price tag I couldn't quite believe that a dress this pretty could be so affordable. I don't usually shop in New Look that often but after purchasing this dress I think I will definitely start making more frequent visits.

Dress | New Look
Shoes| Kurt Gieger
Necklace | Tiffany
Watch | Olivia Burton
Bracelet | Pandora
Eyeshadow | Naked Smokey Palette 

Thanks for reading.

Much love

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