Pretty Denim Skirt ft. A Trip to IKEA

2 August 2016

Yesterday I went to see my friend from University. She has just bought her first home and I am so proud of her, it was amazing. Buying a home and having a mortgage is such a big responsibility. It's also very hard for young people today to get a mortgage because of how expensive it is. However if you have the option to buy your first home and you have a secure job I definitely think it is worth it, especially in the long run. For those of you who don't know I also purchased my first home a couple of months ago. I am not moved in yet because it is undergoing renovation. I hope to be in next summer. I'm thinking of doing a house journey blog post soon so you can see.

Anyway back to yesterday..... So I went to see my friend and we had a little shop in IKEA. I love this place, I hadn't been in a very long time so I was super excited. The inspiration is amazing! The kitchens are to die for, I wanted everything. I can't wait to decorate my own house. Even if you don't have your own home it is still a good place to shop. After IKEA we went back to my friend's house and we had a lovely dinner followed by Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and Harry Potter.

Below are the pictures of my outfit I wore yesterday. 

Top (actually a dress) | Missguided
Skirt | Missguided
Shoes | Kurt Gieger
Watch | Olivia Burton

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!
Much Love,

Jessie Glam


  1. Cute skirt! I have been obsessed with jean skirts recently


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