Review | Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

19 August 2016

One of the things I really enjoy doing every now and again is having a good old route around Boots looking at the makeup counters. On my most recent visit I came across the new Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid (Lipstick), they were on offer at the time so I added it to my basket to give it a try. My initial thoughts on this product were a bit mixed, the formula felt so strange on my lips. It was nothing like I had ever came across before, it has a mousse like texture, definitely not what I thought it would be like. There was also quite a strong perfume scent that I thought was a bit over powering.

However after a few applications I came to really enjoy this product. Although the formula seemed strange I actually liked it because it wasn't drying on the lips. Whenever a product says 'Matte' you assume it would be drying however, it feels a bit luxurious but I wouldn't say it is a Matte finish.  If you are looking for a matte matte (like actually matte haha) liquid lip this wouldn't be one to go for. But like I said I kind of like that it wasn't because it doesn't dry your lips out. 

I also loveeee the colour. The one I picked up is in '50, Nude Thrill', and it is a pretty browny nude. The colour pigmentation is also very good and as it fades it leaves a slight stain to the lips.This paired with a lip liner looks amazing. I dunno what it is but every time I wear this with a liner people say my lips look bigger, and of course this is a definite bonus because my lips are only small. I I would say the lasting power of this product is about average but like most lip products it lasts a lot longer with a lip liner. The price is a bit of bonus compared to others on the market at only £6.99, I think I got it for £4.99 when it was on offer. 

To conclude, I like the formula, although it is definitely not matte, I love the colour and how easy it is to apply, the only thing I don't like is the strong smell but this isn't really a big issue for me. 

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