Primark Haul & A Little Ramble..

27 September 2016

For any one who is interested I have a Youtube Channel! I'm pretty new to it and I'm still practicing being confident in front of the camera. I usually film Haul Video's because I find that (like most girls) I like to go shopping and then talk about it. Ever since I got my first pay check I have always come home and shown my mum everything I had bought and give her a full explanation as to why I bought each item (poor mum). Oh and the occasional fashion show. I think that's why I enjoy filming Haul's and talking about products. I want to upload quite frequently and expand into other areas, such as makeup tutorials and lookbooks. I do however work full time, so for me blogging and Youtube is a part time thing but I will try my very best!

This is what I am passionate about and for me it is a hobby. I used to work another job at the weekend so I never had any free time to myself. A couple of weeks back it clicked in my head that I should be spending my free time and weekends doing what I love (blogging & photography). So after having this 'click' moment I handed in my notice to my weekend job and I feel so much better for it. Sometimes it isn't all about money, yes the weekend job did give me extra money and I did like that, BUT it is just a job and it is just money. My other job could cover my bill's so it was a no brainer really. Now I can start spending that time doing what I want, going on days out, taking blog pictures. The weekend is my oyster!

Anyway enough rambling, I filmed a Primark Haul if you would like to check it out. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.

Jessie Glam


  1. Great haul! It took me a really long time to get comfortable on YT and vlogging in public still makes me a little nervous but I do love YT!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Thank you! That's good to know, I think with more experience comes more confidence xx


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