Top 5 A/W Beauty Essentials ⛄️🍂❄️

20 November 2016

1. Jo Malone Cologne in Peony & Blush Suede
I think it's important to change up your perfume as the seasons change, this Jo Malone perfume is amazing for this time of year. I recently got this as a birthday present from my boyfriend and it smells so good. This perfume is going to be an essential for me this autumn-winter, I like it because it is slightly heavier compared to a perfume that I would go for in the summer.

2. Zoella Hand Sanitiser
As a clean freak I love having a hand sanitiser on me and with the increased risk of catching a cold in the colder months it's important to keep your hands germ free to prevent catching anything. I am currently just getting over a really bad cold, I have been using this to sanitise my hands regularly to prevent catching anything but also to prevent spreading my own germs. This hand sanitiser is one of the best I have tried, it actually smells nice and doesn't leave that alcohol smell. It also looks really cute in my handbag, well done Zoe for creating the perfect little handbag essential!

3. Simple Moisturiser
Its important to keep your skin hydrated in the winter time and for me moisturising my skin is an absolute essential. I have dry skin so I moisturise every morning and night to prevent any harsh weather causing dry patches. I like this Simple moisturiser because it is simple and works great for my sensitive skin.

4. Blistex Lip Balm
Out of all the lip balms I have tried this Blistex one has to be the best. When my lips are dry and sore Vaseline just doesn't cut it for me, this lip balm is amazing. The cold weather can cause lips to become cracked so whenever I put this on it instantly soothes. When I wake up the next day they are rehydrated and back to normal. This is an essential for me because there is nothing more horrible then when you have sore lips I am constantly moisturising them.

5. MAC Lipstick in Whirl
Who else loves wearing dark lipsticks in the A/W!?? One of my faves is MAC's Whirl. It is such a lovely warm shade for this time of year. The finish is comfortable to wear and I could wear it everyday. I love putting this in my bag because it goes with so many outfits and it instantly glam's up a look.

What are your A/W beauty essentials?

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