Cruise Ship Activities for Children under Twelve

Each year, a large number of individuals make the decision to take a cruise.  Cruise ships are a great location to have your next vacation. If given the opportunity, many parents would choose to take a cruise alone. This isn’t because of a lack of love, but because of a common misconception among parents and cruise ships. Many individuals, including parents, believe that cruise ships are not designed for children, but that is simply not true.

If you are the parent of a child under the age of twelve, you may be wondering whether or not they should accompany you on your next cruise.  If you are able to financially afford an additional ticket, you are encouraged to consider bring your child along.  Not only will a cruise be memorable to your child, but it will be exciting. That is because a large number of cruise lines have tailored their cruise ships to children of all ages, including those under the age of twelve.

If you have yet to book your cruise ship reservations, you are encourage…

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One of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways of getting started
with a profitable mail order business of your own is through the
promotion and sale of money-making folios or reports.

Generally, the beginner purchases a series of these
reports-complete with reproduction rights. He reproduces them in
whatever quantity and as often as he likes-usually at a cost of
less than 5 cents each, sends out an advertising circular.

As has been said so many times in countless mail order advice
publications, you never really make any real money until you
control the product. When you buy the reproduction rights to a
set of reports, you control the product. You can advertise the
sale of these reports individually via national classified ads,
and follow up with your advertising circular as a "full page"
advertisement or send it out as part of your direct mail
packages. The bottom line is simply that when the orders come in,
you keep all the money for yourself, reproduce the reports for

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The total number of books sold by small, part-time mail order
entrepreneurs is growing each year. Total sales each year for the
past five years have increased by almost 30-percent over the
previous year's sales.

  Two "new angles" have greatly contributed to this phenomenal
growth in total sales.

  One is the practice of offering a wide selection of books via
"mini-catalogs" The other "angle" is the practice of sending
these "min-catalogs" to prospective buyers as "inserts" in
printed materials the prospect has already ordered.

  Mini-catalogs are usually printed on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of
paper, then folded in half along the length, and simply slipped
inside the covers of a magazine or the folds of a newspaper.
Often-times, a mini-catalog is folded and sent out as a
self-mailer. Both of these methods of obtaining circulation are
very profitable.

  A book-selling "mini-catalog" is made up of a "full-page

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No other business venture seems so inviting, or attracts so many
people than that of selling via mail order. On the surface, it
appears to be an easier and faster way to become rich than almost
any other method of doing business. All the people in the world
are your potential customers; you work from the privacy and
comfort of your own home; you set your own working hours; and you
answer to no one but yourself.

Ideally, you should have a product of your own--something you can
produce at very low cost, and sell at top price. If you are
buying something, advertising and reselling it, in order to
realize a profit, you have to mark it up at least 500%. This is
not an unreasonable mark-up for mail order sales.

Your product has to have mass appeal, and it has to be something
not readily available to your prospective customers except
through you. The product should be such that you "carry an
inventory" without worry of spoilage, aging or other damage. It
should be something you can…

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To be rich--to have an endless supply of money for anything and
everything--is the goal of almost every man, woman and child in
the world. More specifically, the people who don't have but would
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are continually searching for some "secret combination" that will
open the doors to unlimited wealth for them..

  Sooner or later, these people all turn to mail order selling
and, one way or another, give it a try as a pathway to the
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  They are constantly bombarded with "fabulous get rich quick"
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  Each and every one of these opportunity offers seems to promise
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They all make it sound as i…