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24 January 2017

Since I was in my early teens I have suffered with little milk spots around my eyes. At first I didn't really understand what they were, nor was I particularly bothered. As I started to grow up I started worrying about the way I look and was very critical of everything, especially on my face. The milk spots really started to bother me, I never understood why I had them and none of my friends did. It feels so silly now that I was ever bothered because, to be honest you can't even see them!
After nagging on at my mum for months she finally booked me a doctors appointment. "Yes!" I thought, "I am finally going to get rid of these horrible little bumps", however that was not the case. When I told the doctor my problem they kind of laughed at me as if to say 'don't be vain'. Yes, thinking about it now it was very vain, there are people that have serious conditions and here I was moaning about a few little white dots by my eyes. The doctor advised me to keep moisturising my skin and they would disappear over time. Unfortunately this advice was completely incorrect and my milk spots did not disappear. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I realised what causes milk spots and the best way to get rid of them.

'Milk spots are caused by the skins inability to shed dead skin cells, sometimes 
they build up and get stuck under the skin causing tiny white spots'

It's caused by over moisturising! It's actually the use of heavy creams that can cause milk spots, and due to my dry skin this meant that I was always using heavy moisturisers and over moisturising. My poor skin wasn't being left to breathe, it couldn't exfoliate itself naturally and that is why my milk spots weren't going. 

I have a few tips and products that I have found to help me reduce and get rid of my milk spots.

1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
This is the most important tip. You need to exfoliate to help your skin remove dead skin cells. The exfoliator that I love and works wonders on my skin is the St Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin. I use this every other day, sometimes everyday depending how my skin is feeling. It's great on my sensitive skin and doesn't irritate. I gently rub the product in circular motions over the milk spots which tend to be under my eyes and on my cheek bones.

2. Use A Lightweight Moisturiser
Because I have a normal to dry skin type I had previously been using rich, heavy moisturisers on my skin. I thought it might of been difficult giving up a rich moisturiser, but actually my skin has thanked me for it. Rich moisturisers are a lot heavier on the skin and it can cause your skin to become clogged up. This makes the natural process of dead skin removal harder. Two of my favourite light weight moisturisers are the Olay Beauty Day Fluid for Sensitive Skin and the Simple Light Moisturiser. Since I have used a lightweight moisturiser I have noticed a big difference, not only in my milk spots but the overall appearance.

3. Let Your Skin Breathe!
Now there is nothing I love more than a big glam session, however, wearing heavy products on your skin everyday can cause a build up of oil and dead skin cells. I try to only wear heavy glam when I'm going out rather then on an every day basis. For an everyday look I just use concealer were I need it and then apply a light dusting of powder all over. Wearing heavy makeup on your face everyday isn't good for your skin period, milk spots or no milk spots. It's so important to let your skin breathe. Another bonus to think about is that wearing less makeup will also be good for you in the future. Heavy makeup application everyday causes fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Feed Your Skin From The Inside.
Staying hydrated is so important for your skin, drinking water allows the body to get rid of toxins and increases the skins natural glow. Try to aim to drink 2 litres a day. In addition to drinking water, eating fruit and veg is great for your skin. Things like blueberries, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes and foods high in vitamin C are really good for you.

I do still get milk spots now and again, they come and go. I tend to go through phases but it's usually when I start slacking with my skincare. One product that I think could be great for Milia removal is the Clarisonic. I haven't tried it myself due to the price tag, but it looks like a really good exfoliating tool.

I hope this post has been useful, follow these tips and eventually your skin will get better. Even if you don't suffer with milk spots all these tips are useful for healthy, radiant skin.


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  1. I've got milk spots and never read a post about them before! So helpful thank you - going to start exfoliating now! Your blog is lovely :) Lauren |


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